New Integration: Build Visual Workflows with Shopify Flow

Feb 7, 2020

Shopify Flow is an application exclusively available to Shopify Plus customers. Flow's visual workflow builder makes it easy to create workflows with just a few clicks. Shopify merchants can use Flow to build workflows within their online store and 3rd-party services available from Shopify's App Store.

And now that Shopify Flow connects with Mesa, Shopify stores are able to be take their creativity to the next level. With Mesa and Shopify Flow working together you can now work with files hosted on FTP, Google Sheets or Dropbox and automate just about everything that has an API.

Creative ways to use Shopify Flow with Mesa

  • Create a new HubSpot contact when they've purchased a high-value item.

  • Verify the identify of customers purchasing age-restricted products and automatically cancel orders that fail to meet minimum age requirements.

  • Convert new orders into a CSV file and send to your 3PL warehouse.

  • Sync order to Salesforce when a customer is tagged with "wholesale".
  • Add customers to your Mailchimp list after their first order.

Getting started with Shopify Flow and Mesa

Shopify Flow and Mesa are better together, click to get started:

Install Mesa from the Shopify App Store