New Integration: Create SMS Conversations with Twilio

Mar 23, 2020

Twilio is a cloud communications platform, enabling businesses to connect with their customers without needing to work with individual phone carriers. With Twilio, stores can send customers SMS messages and phone calls, leave voicemails, and even make video calls.

Now that Mesa and Twilio are connected, new customer engagement channels are open to your Shopify store. Utilize mobile text messages to start post-purchase conversations, create personalized experiences, or grow your subscription business by cutting churn and maximizing LTV.

Creative Ways to Use Twilio with Mesa

  • Recover abandoned carts with a timely text message.
  • Send an SMS to your customers when their order is out for delivery.
  • Notify shoppers of sales, promotions, or limited time merchandise.
  • Show potential upsells before a subscription is fulfilled.
  • Remind customers when it's time to replenish consumable products.

Getting Started with Twilio and Mesa

Mesa and Twilio are better together. Click here to get started.