New Integration: Email and SMS Marketing with Klaviyo

Mar 9, 2020

Klaviyo is a marketing platform built specifically for ecommerce. It provides merchants the ability to create deeply personalized shopping experiences based on their customers' real-time behaviors and preferences. With Klaviyo, merchants can drive more growth through email, social ads and more.

Now that Mesa and Klaviyo are connected, you can send new types of data and events from your customers into Klaviyo's platform. From knowing the sources of traffic, to understanding post-purchase experiences, building relationships and communicating with your shoppers can be more personalized than ever before.

Creative Ways to Use Klaviyo with Mesa:

  • Get real-time package status from Tracktor as events in Klaviyo and pro-actively email customers about delays receiving their order.
  • Notify customers when items in their preferred style become available.
  • Automatically subscribe your high-roller customers to a special "VIP" list.
  • Track an event in Klaviyo when a customer converts quickly.
  • Take personalization to the next level by enriching Klaviyo profiles with data from Shopify applications, APIs, and data sources.

Getting Started with Klaviyo and Mesa

Klaviyo and Mesa are better together. Get started now.

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