New Integration: Let Shoppers Upload Files With Uploadery

Mar 13, 2020

Uploadery is a Shopify application that helps merchants receive any kind of file from their customers at the time of purchase. Uploadery allows stores to sell products that rely on receiving digital files from their customers such as photos, artwork, videos, music, and documents.

With Uploadery connected to Mesa, files no longer need to be static items in order notes. You can take action in response to the files attached to an order to do things like: converting file types into your preferred print-ready format, tag orders that aren't submitted with valid attachments for customer service followup, or copying the files to cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Creative Ways to Use Uploadery with Mesa

  • Email your customers a preview of their made-to-order item.
  • Copy the customer's files to an FTP server for storage.
  • Send print-on-demand orders directly to the manufacturer for fulfillment.
  • Verify a customer’s age using a photo of their identification documents.
  • Convert vector art to PDF files or raster images.

Getting Started with Uploadery and Mesa

Mesa and Uploadery are better together. Click here to get started.

Install Mesa from the Shopify App Store