New Integration: Receive Messages in Real-Time with Slack

Feb 24, 2020

Slack is a chat platform that's built for use by teams of people. It provides immediate and centralized communications, with the goal of improving on, and replacing, a company's use of email and instant messaging.

Now that Slack connects to Mesa, you can get messages whenever events occur on your Shopify store and applications. With Mesa and Slack working together your team gains real-time knowledge and insights into what's happening, right from an application they probably already use.

Creative ways to use Slack with Mesa

  • Tell manufacturing in real-time when an order for custom items are placed.
  • Notify your team when a promotion is live, and again when it’s finished, so they can expect high order volume.
  • Alert your warehouse when an order hasn't shipped on time.
  • Warn stakeholders about Shopify orders that are flagged as "high-risk".
  • Communicate when a product's inventory gets low so it gets reordered in a timely manner.

Getting started with Slack and Mesa

Slack and Mesa are better together, click to get started:

Install Mesa from the Shopify App Store